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We’re proud to share Zoho One with our colleagues because it proved to be the game changer we needed. We were tired of paying for countless software apps that didn't talk to each other. We use Zoho every day to power our businesses to the next level. We made the switch and can help you do the same.

Julie and Tripp are seasoned health care IT executives who own and operate 15 small businesses including Pluck Business Solutions. Pluck Business Solutions specializes in helping small businesses quiet the chaos and set up the technology and organizational infrastructure needed to be sustainable and competitive in today's digital market. In a nutshell, Julie and Tripp bring big business technology to micro and small businesses. 

Julie is Board Certified in both Family Medicine and Clinical Informatics, and is a Certified Physician Executive with an Executive MBA. After running her own private medical practice for 8 years,  Julie transitioned to leading large healthcare organizations in adopting and optimizing electronic health records (EHRs) and capturing patient and business data. Julie is an expert in getting physicians trained and engaged with EHRs, helping hospitals thoughtfully use their data, and working with IT to make sure software works as designed for the actual user. She now focuses her energy on helping small businesses implement what she learned from her time as a senior healthcare executive teaching physicians and hospitals to use IT software.

Tripp is a degreed solutions architect and virtualization engineer with advanced certifications from Microsoft, Cisco, Citrix, VMware, Epic and many others. Tripp brings over 25 years of IT experience designing computer networks, access and security systems for healthcare, financial and travel businesses. His current passion is providing secure access to company resources for an ever growing, mobile, and remote workforce. Tripp enjoys empowering small business owners with Zoho's advanced data and security features usually reserved for large corporations.

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